Q: Could I obtain an auto loan even in the event I've bad credit?

A: Absolutely! This is our specialty at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville. We work with a network of partners that are experts in helping those that have unfavorable credit ratings buy a car or truck. Regardless of if you've been denied in the past, we suggest you to fill out an application again with us. 

Q: What would happen if I've got a bankruptcy?

A: The Credit Approval program at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville will work to get you qualified for an automobile regardless of where you're in the bankruptcy process.

Q: Suppose I told you I'm disabled or on Social Security?

A: Being on disability is not going to damage your ability to obtain financing. Social Security is identified by lending institutions as income and is frequently used in ascertaining the size of loan you qualify for.

Q: What if I'm self-employed?

A: Being self-employed in most cases isn't an obstacle. Occasionally, evidence of a source of revenue might not be needed whatsoever. If it is, having verifiable income is the main factor. You can easily use tax-returns, bank statements, or canceled checks.

Q: Suppose I've got a new job?

A: Don't worry, the finance institutions we work together with at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville analyze dozens of factors outside of just job time. We fully grasp that everybody changes occupations every now and again and we still have ways to get you financed.

Q: What if my trade-in has a larger balance when compared with my car or truck may be valued at?

A: Being "upside-down" on a trade can be an incredible problem for some dealerships as their cars already are priced above retail value. In our case, we frequently purchase cars at a tremendous value specifically for trading clients out of unfavorable equity conditions. Often, that means we should be able to trade you out of your upside-down trade-in while rolling over small if any negative equity.

Q: Suppose I told you I do not have money to put as a deposit?

A: At Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, we would like to talk with you in any event. We now have numerous programs that allow you to put nothing as a down payment. Let us know the amount you are working with and we'll make an effort to fit the loan package to your conditions.

Q: Suppose I told you I am a first-time buyer?

A: Even when you may not have had the option to generate a record of on-time payments, we will help you get there and get you in the driver's seat at the same time.

Q: Do you ever offer military financing?

A: Yes, We have numerous Banking Institutions which have specialized in military member financing.

Q: What happens if I've got great credit rating?

A: You'll find we have excellent plans for those people with excellent credit including Credit Union Direct financing, which offers some of the most competitive rates in the area.

Q: What happens if I've got a trade-in?

A: All trade-ins are welcome at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, running or not. Additionally we are known for trading customers out of a poor equity position. For those who have a trade, we would always like to talk to you about it.

Q: Am I able to get a vehicle history report? 

A: Of course. We recommend it at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville.

Q: Am I able to obtain a copy of my credit report?

A: Yes, but not from us. We're happy to show you your credit report and discuss it along with you. However, due to privacy laws, we simply cannot supply you with a physical copy of the report. We advise checking out for a free copy of your credit report.

Q: How much will my monthly installment be?

A: There are various variables that go into computing monthly installments such as amount of purchase, monthly interest, term, and down payment. With hundreds of banks, thousands of packages, and a wide selection of autos, your best option is generally to contact us with your budget and we'll see what we can make work for your particular circumstance.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: Filling out the credit application physically or online only takes a few minutes. After the application has been submitted, the bank may request additional information such as paystubs, phone bills, bank statements, or they may not request anything. Every bank and every program is different but we'll help you get everything completed as quickly as possible.

Q: What do individuals need to bring with them to try to get a car loan?

A: You should have available these documents: ID or Driver's License, Title, pay stubs or proof of income. You may be asked to supply utility or phone bills, bank statements, or other similar documents.


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